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Philip DeFranco

US national news & opinion, typically Monday thru Fri

Tim Pool

US based investigative reporter

Rubin Report

US based talk show hosted by Dave Rubin

 Sargon of Akkad

Daily European news analysis from a left-leaning-mugged-by-reality centrist, Carl Benjamin

The Thinkery

Mr. Carl Benjamin’s second channel

Room for Debate

54% of US Counties Had 0 Murders in 2014; 2% of Counties Had 51%


The sad reality, the cities where murders and crime occur the most all have one stark commonality, which I’ll get to in a minute, but first… The United States can really be divided up into three types of places. Places where there are no murders, places where there are a few murders, and places where …

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The West Bank
The West Bank
Fire Werx
A Kansas Jungle
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