Eco-friendly 3D printed supercar | Reuters

This has potential in spacecraft manufacturing…

According to Czinger, 3D printing transforms everything by changing the way the structural components of cars are fabricated. Currently cars are pieced together on long assembly lines inside large factories that use massive amounts of energy. Even the most fuel-efficient car has a large carbon footprint before ever leaving the plant.Czinger and his team’s approach was to take the large plant out of the equation. To accomplish this they printed the modular pieces that are used to connect carbon rods that make up the Blade’s chassis.”The 3D printed chassis is only 102 pounds and has the same strength and safety protection as a frame made out of steel,” said Brad Balzer, the lead designer on the project.By using carbon fiber instead of steel or aluminum for the body, the entire vehicle only weighs 1400 pounds (635kg), giving it twice the weight to horsepower ratio of a Bugatti Veyron.

Source: Eco-friendly 3D printed supercar | Reuters

De Blasio, Facing Criticism, Is Taking On Homelessness With $22 Million Initiative – The New York Times

A homeless man on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan in May. Credit Spencer Platt/Getty Images
A homeless man on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan in May. Credit Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The question has leapt from dinner parties to community boards to the nightly news, its implications echoing in the highest echelons of City Hall: Why are there so many homeless people in New York?

On Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to appear with his wife, Chirlane McCray, to announce a $22 million mental health initiative that his administration says will aid the homeless.

For the mayor, a Democrat who has staked his administration on battling inequality, dealing with what seems to be a growing homelessness problem is as much about social reform as political survival. His critics have seized on what they say is a classic urban quality-of-life issue, arguing that Mr. de Blasio’s liberal policies are driving the city backward.

Source: De Blasio, Facing Criticism, Is Taking On Homelessness With $22 Million Initiative – The New York Times

The left wing still doesn’t get it and quite likely they never will.

After decades of trying, they still follow the same old, worn out and tired statist paradigm for alleviating poverty: the demonization of the wealthy and confiscatory “progressive” tax schemes, with the goal of creating government programs ostensively meant to help. Yet instead of alleviating poverty, these programs created a permanent underclass that threaten protest and violence at the mere hint these programs might be changed or eliminated.

Metaphorically, it’s akin to wild animals in a nature preserve, scrambling for the scraps the tourists toss out. Not only do the animals end up attacking each other in that scramble for those scraps, but they end up turning on the very people who’re providing the food. And don’t even start with the oh-you’re-comparing-the-poor-to-wild-animals whine, because human beings ARE animals. Huge clues about human behavior are revealed by the study of animal populations, so the metaphor stands, unapologetically.

All other personal issues considered, the path out of poverty is found in individual rights and free market economics, because what people need to get themselves out of poverty is upward mobility, which other economic systems seem to provide very little of.

Granted, that does require a strong work ethic to do successfully and a government program will never provide that unless the goal of the program is to educate a person and put them into a paying or better paying job, yet you still need a person who’s willing to put in the hours of work necessary to do it, so where the government could best help societally is in promoting a strong work ethic in schools and popular culture.

Yet the left wing will never settle for individual rights and free markets as the solution, because inherent in the left wing argument against both is the belief that wealth is bad and corrupting. All the while, the left venerates those in poverty as people who have little to no responsibility for their lot in life, because they’re victims of the wealthy. Yet, this is a perverse caricature that paints with as broad a brush as saying all the poor are lazy. Additionally, the left wing ideology, particularly as it applies to those living in nations with a strong history of individual rights and free market economics, obscures from those suffering chronic poverty just what they might be doing to promote their own poverty. Too many suffering chronic poverty in western nations are spending their money frivolously on intoxicants, excess food, gratuitous vehicles, expensive clothes, and a whole host of other things that deterministically results in an individual not moving into higher income brackets. Instead, the left wing promotes the idea that some nefarious group of “capitalists” are controlling who gets rich and who remains poor.

I don’t deny there are cultures around the globe with caste and class distinctions, which categorically results in differences in income potential and status in their society, but in a system of individual rights and free market economics, a dalits from India can by his or her own initiative, become wealthy…

A man holds posters of B.R. Ambedkar for sale on his death anniversary in Mumbai, India, Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011. Ambedkar was an untouchable, or dalit, who fought British colonial rule and injustice in Indian society. Ambedkar, the chief architect of the Indian Constitution that outlawed discrimination based on caste
Rafiq Maqbool / AP A man holds posters of B.R. Ambedkar for sale on his death anniversary in Mumbai, India, Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011. Ambedkar was an untouchable, or dalit, who fought British colonial rule and injustice in Indian society. Ambedkar, the chief architect of the Indian Constitution that outlawed discrimination based on caste.

That Dalits can become millionaires by starting their own businesses is an astonishing phenomenon for Indian society. Heavily discriminated against, Dalits were until recently restricted to the least qualified jobs, like farming — without owning the land of course. The only other option was to work in the public sector, which starting in the second half of the 20th century, began allotting a certain number of slots to the so-called Scheduled Castes, or SCs.

Now, however, as India’s economy is being redrawn along free market lines, both types of jobs are disappearing, according to Surinder Jodhka, a caste expert at the Nehru University in Dehli. With no other options available, some untouchables are trying to start businesses of their own. “For young Dalits the solution is often to raise 20,000 rupees (300 euros) and open a shop or a medical office,” says Jodhka.

Source: Capitalism over Caste: The Success of India’s ‘Untouchable’ CEOs

Societally, where government can best help the poor is promoting a strong work ethic. Legally, government should promote the rule of law with a judicial system that is blind to class distinctions. Economically, government often does far more harm than it helps, and ought to do as little as possible to interfere in the private transactions of the people, except to settle disputes between parties. Where government can best help economically is in the funding of research and development of new technologies, which more often than not, result in high paying jobs in whole new industries that never existed before.

If you had a traitor in the White House, how would they act differently than Obama?

The Obama administration is reportedly mulling an intervention next week in a civil lawsuit involving the Palestinian leadership and American victims of Palestinian terror.Guess which party the administration is siding with?The lawsuit was filed over a series of bombings and shootings in or around Jerusalem that killed dozens of U.S. citizens during the second Palestinian intifada a decade ago.The case was delayed for years while Palestinian lawyers tried to challenge the American court’s jurisdiction, but last February the families won a $218.5 million judgment after a seven-week trial in a Manhattan federal court. The jury found that the PLO and Palestinian Authority were responsible for a string of attacks from 2001 to 2004 that killed 33 and injured hundreds.Unfortunately for the cash-strapped Palestinians, a 1992 law requires damages in cases such as these to be tripled with interest on the award, pushing it to as much as $1.1 billion.The judgment amounts to nearly a third of the Palestinian Authority’s annual operating budget.Palestinian leadership say they are not responsible ‘for the actions of individuals’ who killed or wounded Americans, and are appealing the decision.The Obama administration has reportedly signaled that it will intervene on behalf of the Palestinians in this case over U.S. citizens.Via Fox News: Late last month, the Department of Justice, which had previously not been involved in the 11-year-old case, informed the court it was considering filing a “statement of interest” in the case by Aug. 10, but officials would not elaborate. A source said the Department of Justice was working with the State Department on the matter.“As the filing states, the United States is considering whether to submit a Statement of Interest in the matter,” a DOJ spokeswoman told “Any filing would be made on behalf of the United States, not on behalf of any other party.”The Palestinian leadership would not have to pay the award unless it is upheld on appeal, but U.S. District Judge George Daniels said he may require the Palestinians to post bond while the case works its way through the process to show “some meaningful demonstration that the defendant is ready and willing to pay the judgment.” “An administration which claims to be fighting terror is planning to weigh in favor of the terrorists,” Yalowitz told “If our government actually came in favor of convicted terrorists, it would be a really sorry statement about the way our government treats terror.”Note that this is the same administration that is apparently considering charges against a Navy officer for defending himself and other military personnel during a terrorist attack on the Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga, TN, last month. It is the same administration that traded five dangerous Taliban commanders for one pot-addled Army deserter in the spring of 2014.It is the same administration that sides with the Islamist government of Turkey over the secular Kurds who are fighting the ISIS terrorists.John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and a Fox News contributor, said the administration would be wrong to assert a diplomatic role in the case.“Palestine is not a state, and is therefore, not entitled to be treated like a state,” Bolton told Fox News. “It does not enjoy sovereign immunity and it would be wrong for the United States government to argue otherwise in federal court.”In a press conference, Palestinian legislator and activist Hanan Ashrawi said neither the Palestinian Authority (PA) nor the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was to blame for the attacks.But Mark Regev, an Israeli government spokesman, said that the jury’s decision sent a ‘clear message’ to the Palestinian leadership to cease its support of terrorism and  ‘break its pact with Hamas.’In June of 2014, Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah/Palestinian Authority (PA) formed a unity government with the Hamas terror organization.Hamas, a U.S.- and EU-recognized terrorist group, calls in its Charter for the global murder of Jews (Article 7) and the destruction of Israel (Article 15), while its leaders have called for demise of the U.S. and the murder of Americans.Despite this, within two days, the Obama Administration said that it would continue to financially aid the PA.

Source: Report: Obama Admin Taking the Side of Palestinians Over U.S. Citizens in Terror Case | PJ Tatler

The Koch brothers: not republicans; absolutely not democrats.

It’s a lavish three-day affair. So it was surprising to hear Charles Koch on Saturday evening, surrounded by some of the wealthiest men and women in the nation, take the stage to assail big bank bailouts and government handouts for the rich. Charles Koch is the more press-shy of the Koch duo, who together run one of the country’s largest privately held companies, Koch Industries. Doing away with crony capitalism might hurt some of the individuals in attendance, Koch said, and it would certainly hurt Koch Industries, but over the long term, doing away with crony capitalism would revitalize the economy and benefit all parties. Bailing out the big banks, he said, had not only created a culture of dependency at the top, but crushed small community banks at the bottom.

“We need to start by eliminating welfare for the rich,” he said. “Physician, heal thyself.”

Source: Inside the Koch Brothers’ SoCal Confab, by Eliana Johnson, National Review