Electric Car Beats Gas Powered Cars And Does 6:45.90 At Nurburgring

I’ve predicted since the 1980s that an electric car would eventually outperform gasoline fueled cars, and now it’s happened…

Last year, electric-car startup NIO brought its 1360-hp EP9 supercar to the Nurburgring and set a blistering time of 7:05.00, making it the quickest electric car at the famous circuit. Now, NIO says the EP9 has returned to the ‘Ring and put down an astounding 6:45.90.

Uh, what? That makes the EP9 quicker than a Lamborghini Huracan Performante, currently the production-car record holder at the Nurburgring.

This blistering lap comes just a few months after the EP9 ran around the Circuit of the Americas faster than any other production car and set a record for autonomous cars at the Texas track. The EP9’s pace comes from electric motors at each wheel that combine to generate 1360 horsepower and–this isn’t a typo–4671 lb-ft of torque. Having a motor at each wheel gives the EP9 real-time torque vectoring, no doubt improving cornering speeds significantly.

Source: Electric Car Nurburgring Record – NIO EP9 Runs 6:45.90 on Nordschliefe

The issue limiting electric vehicles has always been a viable power source. Some type of battery system that didn’t meltdown and/or dissipate after a short amount of time. Advancements, particularly in material sciences, have lead to longer lasting batteries. These batteries provide higher ampere-hours than in the past.

The tea leaves strongly suggest HUGE advancements in battery technology await us in the near future.