Start Up Offers $8,000 For Teenaged Blood

The era of vampires openly calling for the blood of the young is upon us as old rich people in the San Francisco  Bay area are flocking to a startup that pays $8,000 for the blood of young people in order to maintain the youth of old people.

It might sound like science fiction, or a recent episode of “Silicon Valley,” but a start-up called Ambrosia is charging $8,000 for blood transfusions from young people.

About 100 people have signed up to receive an infusion, founder Dr. Jesse Karmazin said Wednesday at the Code Conference.

Anyone over age 35 can become an Ambrosia customer, said Karmazin, but most of the early adopters tend to be of retirement age. He also stressed that it’s a range of people, and not just Bay Area technologists, who have signed up.

In principle I’m all for this, but I’m more in favor of researchers finding the components of young blood that’s rejuvenating. I think going the transfusion route could lead to some heinous acts, like blood farming in 3rd World countries.