5 Reasons the Music Business Is in the Toilet – Breitbart

Record Labels Continue to Stiff Artists

Music distribution channels can only take so much of the blame for the industry’s current dysfunction. According to Boluk, contracts between record labels and their artists have changed little in the last decade despite the major overhaul the industry has gone through as a whole.

To illustrate the point, Boluk pointed to an eye-opening statistic from a recent Ernst & Young report: record labels took home 73 cents out of every dollar paid out by Spotify and competitor Deezer, while songwriters got 16 cents and artists got 11.

Source: 5 Reasons the Music Business Is in the Toilet – Breitbart

Facebook Study and Government Propaganda

Business Insider reports…

In a recently published study, the scientists say they found that when people saw fewer positive posts on their feeds, they produced fewer positive posts and instead wrote more negative posts, too. On the flip side, when scientists reduced the number of negative posts on a person’s newsfeed, those individuals became more positive themselves.

via Facebook Study Emotional States Transfer – Business Insider.

Politicians and advertisers have known this and used these techniques for decades.  In the case of politicians, centuries.

In the end, what this is, is proof that propaganda works.  For the government and media that wishes to ignore reality, unemployment, becomes “funemployment” and all the bad news becomes “unexpected“.

Power Precedes Politics

It is one of the oldest tenets of modernity: The state must establish a monopoly on violence before civil society can develop and politics can thrive. Read your Hobbes: “And covenants, without the sword, are but words and of no strength to secure a man at all.” Or read the Founders, who, in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, argued that rights had to be secured before they could be exercised. Power precedes politics.

via Power Precedes Politics | Washington Free Beacon.

The founders of this nation understood the concept of real, physical power, the evils of a large burdensome government in using that power, and as a consequence the constitution is a set of rules for government not rules for citizens.

This lesson about power, is artfully demonstrated in a scene from Game of Thrones where Petyr Baelish and Cersei Lannister are conversing about a missing girl, and Petyr makes the assertion that knowledge is power…

This is something many seem to confuse.  There are people who believe business is more powerful than the government, because business can buy off politicians. While that’s true, they forget the fact that business wouldn’t even bother buying off the politician if it weren’t for the governments monopoly on power.

Why Big Media Fears of the Tea Party are Irrational

In his views about the minimum wage, Social Security and Medicare, Brat is a fairly conventional libertarian, but he became the first candidate to oust a sitting House majority leader since the post was created in 1899 not by speaking the libertarian argot of Ayn Rand and Friedrich von Hayek but by deploying the populist language of Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and William Jennings Bryan.

With that kind of talk, Brat and like-minded militants on the right are undermining the philosophy of market populism that has united the Main Street and Wall Street wings of the Republican party since the days of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Market populism recycles the ideology of classic Jeffersonian populism—but expands the definition of the virtuous, self-reliant yeoman to include not only small business owners but also big business executives and capitalists. According to market populism, the virtuous yeomanry consists of family farmers and small, owner-operated businesses—and CEOs of multinational corporations and billionaire investment bankers and heirs and heiresses who inherited their wealth, like Paris Hilton.

Sooner or later the authentic Jeffersonians in the market populist coalition were bound to notice that the actual agenda of conservative politicians has less to do with the needs of small business owners and small farmers than with the desires of big companies and the financial industry—more H1-B indentured servants for Silicon Valley tech oligopolies, the defense of the “carried interest” loophole for Wall Street hedge fund managers. With their attacks on “crony capitalism,” “corporate welfare” and “corporatism,” angry outsiders on the right are threatening to replace business-friendly market populism with real populism.

And that, to the business community, is downright terrifying.

via Why Big Business Fears the Tea Party – Michael Lind – POLITICO Magazine.

What’s this site all about?

As some of you may know, I’ve spent the past year coding a point of sale system for Mid America Appliance here in Wichita.  The software I created is “cloud” based, which means I’ve created a point of sale system that uses a web browser as the interface, and will work on any computing platform that fully supports web browsing.  That means my software works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems.  The software also works on touch screens, which means it will work with the iPad, Surface, and other tablet systems.  It even works on most small smartphones, although the screen formatting is still a work in progress.

I want to continue the development of this software and start offering it to local Wichita businesses who want a simple, easy to use point of sale system.  As such, I need to get the word out there, so if you know of any business that’s in need of a point of sale system, please send them my way.

That’s not the only reason I created this site.  I’m also a “party photographer”, which is my term for a photographer who can navigate the social intricacies of an event such as a rave, a bar, or a private party.

It’s great to have a photographic record of an event, but sometimes an event of that nature might have some risque activities occurring, which shouldn’t be photographed.  I have a good eye for avoiding such things, yet I can still gather well over 600 images in a few hours.

In the past I never charged for my photography work, but I have to start putting some value on myself and my work, so I’m here to offer my photography services for $100 for no more than 500, unprocessed, raw images over a 2 hour period.  If the time exceeds 2 hours, the rate is an additional $25 charge per hour, which is billed in increments of an hour, or for an additional 100 images.

Another things I also wish to relate is this; I’ve been an angry person. Very angry about life and other things.  I’m not going to bore you or myself with tales of how unfair it’s been or the like, but from time to time I do feel the need to scream to the roof tops what I see in the world.  It’s my way to keep my sanity in what seems like an increasingly insane world.

Read what I have to say, or the articles I post, and if you disagree with any of it, hit me with your logic and sell me on your ideas.  My ideas and philosophy on life makes me quite amiable to new information, but you better have all your ducks in a row, because I can tear apart an argument quite well.

8 Myths About The Super Rich – Business Insider

1. The world’s wealthiest inherited all their money

This is a misconception. 65% of the world’s UHNW individuals are self-made, with a further 16% having only partly inherited their wealth, before going off to make their own fortunes. In other words, only 19% of the world’s UHNW population has fully inherited its wealth.

In terms of fortunes, we also see that UHNW individuals with inherited wealth also have the lowest average net worth of US$130 million, as opposed to US$142 million for self-made UHNW individuals. Even for the world’s 2,170 billionaires, 60% have made their fortunes themselves, with a further 20% being classified as inheritance/self-made. — via 8 Myths About The Super Rich – Business Insider.