4 Things You Need to Know If the Police Try To Search Your Phone

Good advice for if you ever have to deal with the police, irrespective of you’re guilt or innocence.

1. Keep your smartphone locked.

If they ask you to unlock it, you have every right to refuse. And this way, should you be stuck in handcuffs, they won’t be able to pore through your phone even if they wanted to.

2. Calmly repeat the following: “I do not consent to this search.”

Repeating the phrase means there’s no room for any ambiguity. And staying calm means (hopefully) no angry officers.

3. If you’re not under arrest, really don’t consent.

While a warrantless search of your phone when you’re under arrest is illegal, doing so when you’re not under arrest is extra illegal.

4. If the officer still ignores you, whatever you do, don’t get physical in any way.

If you’re at the point where a cop has snatched your phone from you, you’re probably in the middle of being arrested. And in those situations, physically intervening is just about the worst thing you can do. Remember the cop’s name for later, because even if they find anything questionable, the cop can’t use it if it was obtained illegally.

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One last bit of advice; you have the right to remain silent, so do so. Don’t talk to the police at all.