Popular Science Caught In Disgusting Display Of Partisanship & Propaganda

Given all the insults, hate, violence, and the slings and arrows of left wingers still irate about the 2016 election regular Americans have had to suffer, this just seems particularly tone deaf for Popular Science to run…

How smart protesters can stay warm, stay dry, and stay sane.

If you’re even vaguely politically engaged, odds are you’ve made plans to march. No matter your rallying cry, you’re going to need some gear to make sure you’re in it for the long haul. Here, the best items to keep you in step and upbeat.

Source: What to bring to a march | Popular Science

Wow, you notice how left wingers frame it as if you’re politically engaged, you’re going to go protest.

Really now. I’m politically engaged, and I think the protesters are retards.


Facebook Study and Government Propaganda

Business Insider reports…

In a recently published study, the scientists say they found that when people saw fewer positive posts on their feeds, they produced fewer positive posts and instead wrote more negative posts, too. On the flip side, when scientists reduced the number of negative posts on a person’s newsfeed, those individuals became more positive themselves.

via Facebook Study Emotional States Transfer – Business Insider.

Politicians and advertisers have known this and used these techniques for decades.  In the case of politicians, centuries.

In the end, what this is, is proof that propaganda works.  For the government and media that wishes to ignore reality, unemployment, becomes “funemployment” and all the bad news becomes “unexpected“.